My Passion

I help leaders to lead courageously and strategically for maximum results. My desire is for leaders to acknowledge and employ their strengths to insure their followers have the same opportunities. I motivate leaders to energize others by relating to them on a personal level instilling the philosophy that a positive attitude creates ongoing results.

Betsy’s Overview

Betsy at Whiteboard

Success through Strengths

In addition to Betsy's coaching and consulting services, she offers customized seminars and workshops designed to meet your organization’s needs. The length of these seminars and workshops depends on the topic and can be conducted at your organization or off site. Betsy's associate, Jack Parkin, offers Financial Consulting Services for Small Business through E.L. Smith Consulting. Jack is an expert with small business computer-based accounting systems, business forecasting and planning, and assisting with the application of Small Business Administration loans.

Are you Ready?

* to catapult yourself, your team and your organization to the ranks of extraordinary?
* to drive to astonishing results?
* to capitalize on strengths and realize your vision?
* to celebrate change instead of just manage change?

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